A little about me...


I’m the books I’ve read, the places I’ve been, the people I love.

I am the life I’ve lived, the luck I’ve had, the happily ever afters I’ve been granted...

I am the prayers I’ve prayed, the letters I’ve received, the dreams I’ve dreamt.


I am the disappointments I’ve experienced, the people I’ve lost,

the difficulties I’ve overcome.

The sorrows that I’ve held onto and the smiles I’ve left you with.


I am the things I’ve discovered, the lessons I’ve learned,

the friends I’ve met, won and lost.

I am the colleagues whose paths I’ve shared.

The hugs of joy and of sadness;

I’m the sum of the encounters and commotions of my life.


I am the pieces that have chipped off along the way,

as well as those which have managed to remain,

the memories that I cherish and keep.


I’m the colors I like, the colognes I use, the songs that I listen to.

I am the kisses I’ve bestowed and received;

I am what I’ve chosen to discard and what I’ve chosen to keep.

My choices, good, bad and otherwise.


I'm every beaming smile and every tear I’ve shed, every lie I’ve ever told.

I’m every one of my mistakes,

every pardon I couldn’t grant and every word I ever suppressed.


I am every goal I ever reached, every emotion I managed to control,

as well as those times when control was breached.

I’m both the victory and the defeat, the taste of bitter and the taste of sweet.


I am every promise that was fulfilled, every slander that was endured,

every indifference that developed, and every lie that was obscured.


I am the arm that’s been twisted a few times,

the hand that was more often extended,

the mouth that wouldn’t shut up.


I am the memories I recall, the goals I pursue,

the changes I’ve undergone, the ideas I’ve resisted

and the concepts I’ve imagined, coldly calculated and created.


I am the childhood I had, I am the faith that I carry,

the love that I have received

and the hope inside me that manages to persist.


I Am…





(...with thanks to Arthur Luz for the beautiful poem; translated from Brazilian Portuguese by Todd Goldsberry)